Pack 846 Den Information

What are Dens?

Dens in Cub Scouts are small, close-knit groups of young boys and girls aged 5 to 10. Led by a parent or guardian, each den meets monthly to participate in fun and educational activities, earning awards and badges while fostering friendships and teamwork. Dens provide a supportive environment where young scouts learn valuable life skills and prepare for their journey into Boy Scouts. 

Meet the Den Leaders

Pack 846 Leadership

Lion Den (Kindergarten)

Tiger Den (Ages 6-7, First Grade)

Wolf Den (Ages 7-8, Second Grade)

Bear Den (Ages 8-9, Third Grade)

Webelos (Ages 9-10, Fourth and Fifth Graders)

About Each Den Level

Each level in the Cub Scouts program builds upon the previous one, offering age-appropriate challenges and opportunities for personal growth. As children progress through these levels, they gain valuable experiences, friendships, and skills that will serve them well throughout their lives. Join us on this exciting adventure of learning, camaraderie, and discovery in Cub Scouts!

Volunteer to be a Den Leader!

Parental involvement is the key to a thriving Cub Scouts program. By volunteering your time and skills, parents enrich their children's scouting journey and foster a supportive community. From leadership to safety and expertise, your contributions make Cub Scouts an enriching and memorable experience for all making an impact for our future generation.